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20170509_221148-1 - CopyWelcome.

Mr Majolica’s Brewing Company is a family-run micro-brewery situated in the heart of Grays Town Centre.

Keep an eye on this site for news of new brews, and on our facebook page –

Mr Majolica’s beers can be found in pubs around south Essex, north Kent, and East London.



13 thoughts on “Mr Majolica-Home

  1. Kevin Wakeford

    Had another of your new beers last night at the Traitors Gate. REGAL was its name. Another great one. Well done again Glen. Cheers.

  2. Glen Turner

    Hello Iain,
    We certainly are still going, although its still draught beer only at present, no bottles or take-home boxes yet (other issues and priorities required our attention). Please send us an email to if you want any further info, or just to keep in touch.

    Thanks and regards,


  3. Iain


    Are you still up and running and if so, where can i buy your beer to take home?



  4. Clyde Baker

    Well done at the festival, Glen – Keep it up, Great to see you update your website so regularly.

  5. Glen Turner

    Many thanks Keith, glad you all liked it, and thanks for taking the time to let me know. Come back soon.

  6. Keith Ennis

    Tried your Fortitude at the Theobald Arms yesterday. It went down well with all our party. I look forward to trying some more when we next visit Essex.

    Love the pump clips.

  7. Glen Turner

    Why thank you very much Mr Wakeford, glad you liked it. It was called Pastoral. There are others on the way too…

  8. Kevin

    Hi Glen,

    Kev Wakeford here (ex Willy Eds). Tried again one of your beers last night down the Traitors. It was LUVERLY. Forget its name but was the 4/7% one. A nice gold beer, plenty of flavour and in excellent condition!! Well done that man. Looking forward to other such brews.

  9. Ben

    Great to have another good local brewery, the beers always go down well here @ The Traitors Gate!! Have got some in the celler ready for our beer festival this week!

  10. Glen Turner

    Hello Terry
    Thanks for your comment and for the invite to put a beer in the Festival, I am well up for that. I’ll email you.
    And congratulations on being the first to post a comment – thanks.

  11. Terry Hamlyn

    Good to see you now up and running! I spoke with you at Thurrock fest about having one of yours at our beer festival in December……if this is a possibility please let me know or if you want to go through Mark at George’s as he is supplying the majority to me.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Terry Hamlyn.

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