Our beers are entirely hand crafted using the best ingredients, and they contain only malt (barley, wheat), water, hops, and yeast.

News of new brews coming soon……

  • Our core range…

Buccaneer 3.8% ABV, an amber session ale hopped with 4 varieties from England and Germany.

Phantom 4.0% ABV, dark and delicious, a black porter beer made from a complex mix of malts, and hopped with American Galena hops along with English Goldings.

Vanguard 420170203_205447 - Copy.1% ABV, an easy drinking ale, light-brown in colour, made with 6 types of English malt, and generously hopped with American and English varieties.

Enterprise 4.5% ABV, a pale ale, made from a simple blend of just pale and amber malt, and hopped with three types of English hops.

Evolution 4.8% ABV, a hearty red/brown ale, with a blend of malts along with English and American hops, very drinkable for its strength.


A variety of Special and experimental brews are also sometimes available.



2 thoughts on “Beers

  1. Glen Turner

    We have a porter, which is very dark and delicious, as well as a few other ales, I’ll send you an email with full details.

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